Monday, 22 July 2013

Sunday 21st July -- Things get serious

A good day for Trilemma Craft Brewery today. Michael finally convinced us that we should all chip in and clean up his shed. So that's what we did. Took ages. Thank god Lucy made soup. Oh, and we got to drink some of our Oatmeal Stout. And we got to go to Bunnings. So all up, a pretty good day.

In other good news, I have bought four hop plants from Red Hill Brewery. Two cuttings of Willamette and two cuttings of Tettnang. I plan to grow them in Heathcote.

The new 60 litre fermenters 
It's a bit hard to take out the bung

Look how good the shed looks

And look how good master brewer Michael's cap looks

I think he had even managed to get to the hairdresser's to get his beard manscaped

Here's Ben

Demonstrating yet another use for the ever-handy cable-tie

This was Ben's idea to organise the bottling station like this

There's our priming fridge

We had to let the yeast cultivate for three hours. Some were done in the packets, but it's more fun doing it in the beaker like we're characters on Breaking Bad

The great news is that all of the wort was used today

3 full cubes of 70 Shilling went in

And two cubes of Oatmeal Stout

Straight into the priming fridge

We bought a heater from a pet store that's designed to keep a terrarium warm. Screw the lizards, beer is more important.


  1. this is becoming more comical by the day

  2. You won't be saying that when we make you a healthy batch of cider

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