Sunday, 17 March 2013

Sharkey's American IPA -- Saturday 16 March, 2013

On Saturday, Michael, Ben and Chris started making the first batch of beer. As you'd expect, we got a bit wrong, but a fair bit right.

This is the big pot. It's empty, but it took 5 cubes to fill it

Looks better with water in it. We added a teaspoon of Calcium Sulphate to it
It takes a strong man to carry in the grain. What sort of grain is it?

Ben is measuring the temperature of the water. We started the heating at 10:45am. It was at the right temperature (69 degrees celsius) at 11:35am

"Let's tie the thermometer to a string. That'll be easier. What could possibly go wrong?"

A good look at the empty bag

tipping in the grain

The grain went in at 11:40am

there's that thermometer on the string again. Can you guess what happened to it?

here's us looking for the thermometer that has dropped into the mash

It's 1pm, time to lift out the mash

we hooked up a pulley system for this. Ben is working on his own pulley system in the background, there

looks good

looks great

the recipe

the hops
Squeeze out that mash!
Bringing the Wort to a boil
looking fine
a bit of sediment left over
2 1/2 cubes of wort, ready for fermenting

now, that's just being silly

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