Saturday, 13 April 2013

Bottling the beer -- Saturday 13 April, 2013

Today we finally bottled the beer! Michael had already bottled the Black IPA and we got a chance to sample it. It was mighty tasty -- with good aromas of brown sugar and molasses. But it lacked a fair bit of fizz. We'll still drink it, or use it for cooking steak and ale pie come winter.

But we had two batches of IPA to bottle. We had used the same wort but two different types of yeast and the difference in taste was remarkable. We're still yet to come up with names for our beer, so we called these "Batch A" and "Batch B"

That's "Batch A" on the right and "Batch B" on the left

This is a great bloody invention. It sterilises the bottles by putting one on the top and flushing the fluid through it

you have to do each bottle by hand

But it's not a bad job

Then, we moved the first batch across to a nice big keg. This got rid of a bit of sediment

It took a while

But gave us a chance to taste the mix

In the end, we thought we'd just tip it in

Well, Ben tipped it in and we applaud him for that

Until he got a bit carried away

There were a few bum cracks today.

But Michael kept his mind on the job

And then we bottled them. Luke looks pretty happy with the results

And Lucy made us lunch, and came and laughed at us when we had finished.

The beer will be ready in two weeks.

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